Inspiring GenZ, Nurturing Individuals Towards Excellence. There is a blaze within each of us, one that must be discovered and ignited. At IGNITE, we seek to guide individuals on a journey of self discovery. We hope to empower this generation to fulfil their fullest potential by igniting a greater sense of purpose and belief in them, helping them to see the person they can be. Find out more at www.rcsignite.com or follow us on instagram @riverlifecs!

Our Approach

Community plays a huge influence in the life of a youth while they are growing up. At IGNITE we cultivate a community that instils good values, one that encourages each other towards growth.

A 1-to-1 mentoring for every youth to help them grow as a person through our programme. We empower them to fulfil their potential by sharpening their skills, shaping their minds and moulding their character.


Thursday YouthClub
Our Centre is open every Thursday, 3pm – 5pm for all IGNITE members and friends! Students can swing by after school to chill over a game of pool or foosball. Our centre is also a conducive environment for those that what to study.

We provide sports/music and other classes to sharpen the strengths and skill sets of our Youth. Through this we hope to instil belief in them and build confidence in them.

Events and Outings
Night Race, Camps, we organise exciting events every month for the Youth to have fun with the IGNITE community.

Sports and Adventure
We organise seasonal sports and adventure activities for the sporty and adventurous Youth we have.