We believe that good habits cultivated when young make all the difference. Working closely with at-risk youths from secondary schools, we seek to empower them for greater things. Our school-based initiatives comprise:

Self-Leadership Programme (SLP)
Through the learning of character and leadership principles, SLP helps students to break away from participating in groupthink and instead influence others positively.

It is an inventory tool that enables students to reach their full potential by focusing on their strengths, hope, engagement and well-being.

With the intention of giving students a hands-on experience in starting a company, this practical programme hopes to stimulate their business ideas into reality.

Lego Serious Play (LSP)
LSP is a process designed to enhance innovation and performance in organisations or teams. Using Lego bricks, this tactile approach produces a more lucid understand of the world.

YouthMAX Plus with Nick Vujicic
YouthMAX Plus with Nick Vujicic is an exciting new youth leadership program for the John Maxwell Team, featuring John Maxwell Team YouthMAX Plus Ambassador, Nick Vujicic.

YouthMAX Plus inspires and equips young people to value themselves and others, by developing and maintaining a positive self-image, showing compassion to others, persevering in the midst of adversity, and creating a daily routine of successful attitudes and behavior. Through engaging and interactive sessions facilitated by a Certified John Maxwell Team Member, youth of various ages will learn how self-leadership allows them to be a positive influence with their family, teachers and peers.

John C. Maxwell, founder of The John Maxwell Team and YouthMAX program, says, “Youth are not the generation of tomorrow, they are the generation of today!”