Mothers in disadvantaged families often face additional stressors and providing them with adequate support can be instrumental in helping them to overcome their challenges. We aim to build a community of mothers who are enrolled in our Bless Family Programme and provide a space where they can find solace and encouragement from fellow mums facing similar situations.

BLESS Mums is a mother’s support group that provides women with social and emotional support and the opportunity to upskill through trainings, workshops and new experiences

Programme features

  • Skills-based workshops
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Frequency: Once a month

Eligibility Criteria

  • Mothers struggling with caregiving stressors, financial difficulty and/or employment difficulties
  • Families with a family per capita income of $800 and below

Story of Kelly Lum, Bless Mums participant

BLESS Mums has been beneficial to me mentally and emotionally. I was introduced to new skills that I never knew could add value to my life. I tend to feel quite down when I’m tired. Before attending the BLESS Mums workshop on self-care,  I was not aware that incorporating self-care does not necessarily have to be expensive; it can be something simple yet still effective in uplifting my day. As we have many things to juggle in our lives, we lack the time and opportunity to expose ourselves to new experiences. Hence, I am thankful that BLESS Mums provides us with the chance to be equipped with useful skills. Even better, I get to do it with a bunch of mums that I can relate to!

Programme highlights

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