Generation412 is a mentoring youth programme which serves youths from Primary 5 to Secondary 4. Through mentoring, the programme seeks to empower youths to become positive role models by building resilience, fortitude, and values.

Primary 5 to 6: Children are given platforms to build life skills, interests and form community through our mentoring, drop-in and engagement platforms.

Secondary 1 to 4: Youths will acquire various skills such as navigation, shelter making, outdoor cooking, and more, through our outdoor adventure programme.

The programme hopes to develop leadership skills in our youths, empowering them to be valuable members of society.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Youth aged 13 to 17-years old attending Secondary school.
  • To continue in the programme, youths must fulfil 80% attendance rate each year.

Programme components

  • Weekly drop-ins at RCS Centre.
  • Interest groups
  • Bi-monthly outdoor adventure programme
  • Mentoring

Story of Bernise Tan (13-years old), Gen412 youth

This programme helped me make more friends and I also invited my friends and made me closer to them. I also had a lot of fun attending the programme and I look forward to attending more in the future. I learnt that we should work together and not judge others.

Key Highlights

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