Children from low-income families often lack guidance and academic support, which can hinder their educational development and future opportunities. The KIPERKids programme aims to plug the gap by  providing support to children aged seven to 10-years old in their academics and character development. We seek to help our children develop holistically by inculcating positive values and practical life skills through mentoring and close partnership with their parents.

As the programme relies heavily on positive role-modelling, volunteers will be trained with child-centric relational and engagement skills to empower them to build strong connections with the children.

Programme Features

  • Weekly math tuition sessions
  • Monthly character development sessions
  • Holiday programme and enrichment sessions
  • Annual graduation

Eligibility Criteria

  • Children aged 7 to 10 years old from families with a family per capita income* of $800 and below.
  • To qualify for the programme, families must be enrolled in the BLESS Family Programme.
  • To continue in the programme, children must fulfil an 80% attendance rate each year.

Story of Falisha, KIPERKids participant

I have been in the KIPERKIDS programme for 2 years. One thing that I like about KIPERKIDS is that I learn about values, such as kindness, integrity, perseverance, excellence, and respect. These values are important in my daily life and I can apply it in school, at home and everywhere else I go. I love to attend KIPERKIDS because I can make new friends and learn new things. I enjoy talking to my befrienders and they always make me smile. I also learn new things like how I show and receive love.”

Programme Highlights

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