Bless Family

RCS BLESS Family programme seeks to equip and strengthen marital and parent-child relationship within a family to help families thrive and become functional.

Families will benefit from various components such as casework and counselling, equipping workshops, financial assistance and befriending. This programme is suitable for families with young children and teenagers having a family PCI of $750 and below.

Bless Care

RCS BLESS CARE programme reaches out to lonely and vulnerable seniors who stay on their own with limited family support.

Elderly will be provided with financial assistance and social support, in the form of befriending services, to assist them in their daily living. They will also be plugged into the community through outings and centre activities that encourages active living.

Bless Kids

RCS BLESS Kids are for Primary 1-4 children. RCS BLESS Kids includes academic coaching and character development components.

The programme seeks to help children develop holistically by establishing good academic foundation and inculcating positive values as well as practical life skills to help them through school and life transitions.

Bless Youth

BLESS Youth targets students from Primary 5 onwards to Tertiary Education. It will be run in partnership with other BLESS programmes.

It helps buffer transitionary stresses faced by the students after they graduate from BLESS Kids programme. It aims to help students develop positive values and skills that will equip them for the challenges faced during the adolescent years.

Community Centre

RCS Centre is available for drop in for both elderly and youth from the community twice a week.

The centre will be open for elderly engagement in the morning and for youth engagement in the afternoon. Youth and elderly will be able to participate in centre activities and use centre facilities. 

Casework and Counselling

RCS seeks to empower individuals and families to overcome their obstacles through our Casework and Counselling services. Our team of professional social workers and counsellors provide intervention through individual casework or family intervention.

The Casework and Counselling services complements other programme in helping to provide holistic assistance for the family, youth or children in their related struggles.

You can download the programme registration form here and email it to We will be in contact with you after receiving your form. Alternatively, you can contact us at 6312 5963 for further enquires.