Bless Family

RCS BLESS Family is a holistic family programme that provides clinical support, financial assistance and befriending for families in need. Through the programme, we hope that families will be strengthened and empowered – equipped with parenting skills, having improved marital satisfaction, and extended social support.

Bless Mums

BLESS Mums seeks to bring mothers together from the Bless Family Programme to build social support, be equipped with life skills and provided a platform for contributing back to the other beneficiaries of our programmes. Through this programme we hope to develop and empower women to build resilience for the stresses in life transitions as well as develop lasting relationship for emotional and mental health support.


BLESS Kids serves the Primary 1-4 children. The programme comprises of academic coaching and character development components. The programme seeks to help children develop holistically by establishing good academic foundation and inculcating positive values and practical life skills. RCS equips our volunteers with skills on engaging and relating to children in a child-centric way as part of our volunteer growth track and to enable our Kids to experience the support of positive role models.  

Pre-School Children will receive academic support in the area of literacy through activities, reading and more. Primary 1 to 4 Children will receive Mathematics support. 

ACES (Pre-Teens)

The Pre-Teens ACES Programme in RCS seeks to empower P6’s from low-income families with life skills, academic coaching and mentoring to reach greater potentials in their Secondary School journey. The programme develops the P6’s in the following areas of Academic & Executive Skills, Empowerment, Confidence, Self-Awareness & Social Competencies (ACES). With 1-1 academic coaching, the student can gain mastery over their academics coupled with mentoring to equip P6’s with skills to attain greater potentials in their Secondary School journey.


IGNITE targets youth aged 11 to 17 years. It seeks to provide academic support for youths from underprivileged families with dedicated tutors. Through the academic support, we hope to empower students to break out of the poverty cycle. In IGNITE, we hope to support the youths holistically. With that goal in mind, we initiated an outdoor youth mentoring programme to support the ongoing academic programme. The youths undergo outdoor challenges together with dedicated youth mentors that guide them. Through both platforms, a youth in the IGNITE Programme can develop holistically.

RiverLife Care (RLCares)

RiverLife Cares is a joint partnership between RiverLife Community Services and RiverLife Church in an effort to support a wide range of needs within our community. This work to support the needy families from rental/elderly blocks during the recent COVID-19 Pandemic took the form of distribution of groceries, masks and sanitisers. This volunteer driven work has since developed into befriending the residents to expand social support and assistance in the form of grocery care packs, befriending and financial assistance/tuition programme for selected families. 

Community Centre

RCS Centre is available for drop in for both elderly and youth from the community twice a week.

The centre will be open for elderly engagement in the morning and for youth engagement in the afternoon. Youth and elderly will be able to participate in centre activities and use centre facilities. 

Casework and Counselling

RCS seeks to empower individuals and families to overcome their obstacles through our Casework and Counselling services. Our team of professional social workers and counsellors provide intervention through individual casework or family intervention.

The Casework and Counselling services complements other programme in helping to provide holistic assistance for the family, youth or children in their related struggles.

You can download the programme registration form here and email it to We will be in contact with you after receiving your form. Alternatively, you can contact us at 6312 5963 for further enquires.