Bless family

RCS BLESS Family is a holistic family programme that provides clinical support and financial assistance to families-in-need in the community. We seek to empower and strengthen each member of the family unit through intentional befriending and journeying alongside the families we serve.

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RCS Family Date strengthens family units by equipping our beneficiaries with the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with life’s stressors and build loving families. The programme includes experiential fun-learning activities, coaching from staff and volunteers, and quarterly family outings to facilitate family bonding sessions.

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Bless mums

BLESS Mums aims to build a community of mothers who are enrolled in our Bless Family Programme, where they can find solace and encouragement from fellow mums facing similar situations. We hope to develop and empower our mothers with the necessary resources to overcome life stressors, equip them with emotional and mental health support to enable them to be strong support figures for their families.

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Youth & Children


The KIPERKids programme provides support to children aged seven to 12-years old in their academics and character development. We seek to help our children develop holistically by inculcating positive values and practical life skills though mentoring and close partnership with their parents.

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READERKids is a reading and literacy programme for pre-school children aged 5 to 6 years old. The programme aims to foster a love for reading and learning among children while promoting increased parental involvement in their child’s education

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Generation 412

GENERATION 412 is youth mentoring programme that seeks to empower youths with resilience, fortitude and positive values through intentional befriending. We hope to develop our youths to be positive role models amongst their peers and equip them with leadership skills

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Aces Tuition

ACES Tuition provides academic support for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students from low-income families. With intentional coaching, we hope to increase the academic competence of our students and thus, boost their self-confidence.

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Partnerships with Schools

RCS partners with schools to empower children and youths with life skills to overcome challenges. We seek to inculcate values, aspirations, and help our youths develop strong relationships with positive role models through our programmes.

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More Programmes

Riverlife cares

RiverLife Cares was set up during the early days of the COVID-19 endemic in 2020 to support the community through regular grocery distributions and meaningful bonding activities.

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Counselling services

Counselling and casework seeks to provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore and navigate their obstacles through these sessions that are carried out by our team of professional social workers and counsellors.

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Connect with our beneficiaries over fun activities and events. Find the latest information about our upcoming events here.

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Velocity is a comprehensive program designed for young adults in the workforce, aimed at empowering them to overcome any transitional and emotional stressors that they may face.

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At RCS, we are committed to serving and loving the community in meaningful and impactful ways.